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Engineering Services

Electronic Design and Production

Raydec develops and manufactures custom electronic equipment designed to meet client requirements. We specialize in developing instrumentation and software to match the needs of our customers. With Raydec, you can have what you need without having to settle for inappropriate or low performance equipment.

Computer Software Development

Raydec creates software for the operation and support of instrumentation. Our software assures you of receiving the maximum benefit from your electronic hardware. We develop software with off-the-shelf packages and from "scratch" using the following:

Raydec has developed extensive software for both PC-based Windows and DOS applications, and embedded firmware for operation within instruments. We also work with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) code for instruments requiring the fastest, real-time processing possible.

Proven Design Experience

Our engineers have designed data acquisition systems, laboratory equipment, portable test instruments, and power supplies. We specialize in instrumentation requiring both digital and analog expertise. From signal measurement to digital processing, you can count on our high performance and reliability.

Drawings by CAD

We produce our electronic schematics and mechanical drawings with a computer aided design (CAD) system. This capability allows us to quickly create and revise high quality drawings. CAD is another reason we can develop your design efficiently and economically.

Printed Circuit Boards by CAD

Our integrated schematic and printed-circuit-board software enables us to go from electronic schematic to circuit-board layout without errors. We create high tolerance designs that give you performance without problems.

Engineering Analysis and Technical Support

Our engineers will provide you with mathematical and statistical support. We are also involved with process control and optimization, signal processing, computer-aided design, demonstration, experimentation, and proof-of-concept.

Test and Evaluation

We make sure that our services and products are high qualityby thoroughly testing everything we do. Our engineers undergo design evaluation and laboratory testing on a regular basis. We also make sure that our software is working correctly and efficiently. We have several procedures for developmentand optimization.

Data Acquisition Systems

We have the capabilities to meet your data acquisition requirements. Our engineers know how to handle situations with large distributed systems, as well as laboratory use. Depending on the application, we use data acquisition software and hardware from major companies, and we also use our own products. This allows us to have many options, and helps us find the best solution.

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